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In conversation with dreamlaser’s new General Producer in the MENA Region
In conversation with dreamlaser’s new General Producer in the MENA Region
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Meet our new General Producer, Nikolay Nebolsin, who will lead the studio's projects in the Middle East and North Africa, as we're gradually expanding in the region.

In this short interview, you will find some genuine stories from the industry and learn why it's high time to light up your dreams with dreamlaser.

1. How did you join dreamlaser?

Russia has strong multimedia production companies, the so-called big three. Two of them I used to work with. And of course, I also heard about dreamlaser, but our ways hadn’t intersected up until the moment when I moved to Dubai at the end of 2022. There, I met the founders and they offered me to lead the company’s expansion in the MENA region.

2. Why did you choose to work in the field of multimedia?

I’ve always been interested in cinema and even went to film school to be a director. Just like any movie, multimedia production also features a dramatic story, yet in spite of being filmed, it’s represented in a live-experience blending technology, imagery and engagement. Here, the storyline is revealed through the interplay of the setup and content

3. What is your role in the company’s projects?

I enjoy working as a creative producer, immersing in the brief, brand or product that we present. It’s about creating a big idea. Why this concept, this setup, these acts? Which technical or content feature would carry the right message? Answers to th

4. What’s been your favorite project so far?

Launch of the Lamborghini Urus in Moscow which I worked on with Sila Sveta. An acclaimed project in the industry, it was highlighted by projection mapping on 56 kinetic triangles. We did everything in just over a month. There was little sleep and a lot of drive, and in the end it was a huge success. I even gave a lecture on this project at the British Higher School of Art and Design.

5. How long does it take to make a multimedia project?

An average project — from two months. Larger projects — six months. Big projects like festivals, fan zones, exhibitions may take up to nine months or even a year. Yet, there are cases when a client gives us two weeks to complete a project which usually takes two months. And we handle it.

6. What are dreamlaser’s key competences?

The company has twenty years of experience in the field of multimedia. We can join in a project at any stage, offering concept development, technological services, content creation. Besides, dreamlaser is an engineering unit capable of designing out-of-the-box solutions. Whether it’s a car presentation, product launch, conference, exhibition, festival, you name it — we can provide a full production cycle.

We also cooperate with other studios and artists as part of the Intervals festival and exhibitions at the Tseh* space, and the dreamlaser team itself can act as a guest artist.

7. Share your thoughts on the post-pandemic state of the event industry

In my opinion, until the metaverse reaches a completely different level, nothing can replace a live experience for a human. While the status quo remains, there will be demand for cool technologies and projects that we do.