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Total Multimedia Installation, A.R.R.C 2.0, is Coming to TSEH SPACE
Total Multimedia Installation, A.R.R.C 2.0, is Coming to TSEH SPACE

The multimedia art space, TSEH SPACE, presents A.R.R.C 2.0, an installation by the dreamlaser studio, that will be on display from September 24 to December 4.

The installation encourages one to analyse and reflect upon their thoughts, feelings and impressions. Comprising four separate zones — AIM, REACT, REFLECT, CHAOS — the exhibition space invites the viewers to move around chaotically and experience various sensations on their way to awareness and accepting changes inside. Thus, each viewer creates a unique route based on their feelings.

A.R.R.C 2.0 is a reimagined and updated version of the installation a.r.r.c, created by dreamlaser together with curator Ksusha Chekhovskaya and musician Anny Ly for the SIGNAL festival in Prague in 2019. Later, in 2020, a.r.r.c was shown at the TSEH * space in Nizhny Novgorod. Both versions share the central theme of the revolution of the personality and internal rebirth, which gets a new interpretation and a larger-scale incarnation in A.R.R.C 2.0.

For the first time, A.R.R.C 2.0 was shown at Sevkabel Port’s Kabelny Tseh (Cable Shop). From June 17 to September 11, it was visited by more than 46,000 citizens of St.Petersburg and tourists.

The installation A.R.R.C 2.0 is divided into four zones:

AIM. The first act of the route towards self-learning brings the viewer into a metaphorical waiting room inside their personality. Here, one shall try to organise their thoughts and decide what their inner transformation will be like.

Vertical pillars of light respond to the viewers’ actions*. To move further, one has to pick a reaction to the proposed changes: either to reject them or to analyse and try to understand their nature.

REACT. In the second zone of the media installation, the viewer meets their inner self. Here prevails a mood of opposition and internal struggle.

To enhance this struggling atmosphere, lasers move dynamically from the far end of the room towards the entrance — always directed at the viewer.

REFLECT. Continuing the process of reflection, this stage of the metaphorical quest invites the viewer to search for causes and effects. Here, one tries to form predictions, starting to feel and comprehend their inner metamorphoses.

CHAOS. After facing an insoluble contradiction, the viewer reaches a dead end, losing a sense of reality. Flashes of matrix on small square screens distort the perception of space and make one disoriented. Together with the sense of being lost comes an understanding that nothing is certain, therefore everything is possible. To pass the space of chaos, one’s got to tread lightly and keep their cool — then, perhaps, there will reveal a hidden, more complex order.