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VI CIOFF World Folkloriada
VI CIOFF World Folkloriada

Together with IMLIGHT, we presented a large-scale audiovisual show for the opening ceremony of the World Folkloriada, which took place in the Ufa Arena.

Folkloriada in numbers:
▪️57 countries;
▪️2700 artists;
▪️500+ performances;
▪️3 million viewers around the world;
▪️2 world records!

Our crew was responsible for the design and production of the visual content, all video engineering of the ceremony, as well as the technical production of the projection mapping and the laser show.

The show consisted of 3 parts: «Earth. Soul. Folklore». Each part was represented by an image of a bird: the Samrau from Bashkirian folklore, the Firebird from Russian folklore, and the Phoenix that is common in the mythology of many countries across the world. In total, we produced 12 original content performances and 6 of them - with animated characters.

Special thanks to the director Ekaterina Rafai, IMLIGHT, and everyone who took part in this project.

Art director: Ирина Лунина
CG supervisor: Анна Яковлева Video engineers: Александр Балыбердин
Executive producer: Анастасия Меркулова
Сreative producer: Галка Курочкина